UNFRIENDED: Here are all the Mark Zuckerberg allies who have turned on Facebook

Perhaps wisely, Mark Zuckerberg has disabled the feature on Facebook that lets you see how many friends he has on the social network. The number is probably big, given he has 114 million people that follow his updates.

His friendship group IRL is looking a little smaller, thanks to a tumultuous 18 months of scandal that includes the Cambridge Analytica scandal, accusations of exacerbating genocide in Myanmar, and numerous security incidents like harvesting 1.5 million users’ email addresses without their permission.

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As opinion has turned against Facebook and its CEO, so have some of his former employees, investors, and allies — even though the social media company has made many of them extremely wealthy. These people have broken with Silicon Valley convention of maintaining an air of optimism about the places they worked or invested in, in order to criticise Zuckerberg and his company to the media.

Here’s the running list of people unfriending Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

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